Succes is born of passion

Our company was founded in the 90’s in Germany under the name DIMN Gerüst. A dynamic growth of the Polish economy made it possible to move the business to Poland in 2006.

The company’s new name and image are the result of merging with Nova -Tech - a big Polish scaffolding manufacturer.

Our work is our passion, therefore we keep improving our products and expanding the sales area. As professionals, we value a personal approach to the customer. We are continually setting new goals and broadening our offer i.a. by producing non standard custom-made scaffolding elements. Our experienced SLV-GROUP team and the technical support of Nova Tech are a guarantee of safety, stability and professional service for our customers. We produce our scaffoldings in Poland using a modern and advanced technology. A qualified team from Poland, Germany and Sweden ensures a high and replicable quality of our products.

The following features of our products make them stand out from the others on the market:

-lightness - thanks to the application of high quality S235JRH steel

-durability - thanks to lengthening the welds and application of consolidations and special fittings

-resistance: thanks to the application of hot-dip galvanized zinc which gives protection against corrosion

We know everything about scaffolding. Now we would like to share this knowledge with our customers.If you appraciate safety, trust and the highest quality of services, we invite you to contact us and establish cooperation

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