SLV Group is one of the leading enterprises in Poland in the design, production and sale of scaffolding (construction scaffolding, facade scaffolding, masonry scaffolding, painting scaffolding, facade scaffolding). Our company specializes in the production of modern modular scaffolding systems (MULTISYSTEM) and frame scaffoldings, also called system scaffoldings (RAM 1 and RAM 2).

Our production plant with the most modern, fully computerized production line is located in Sulnów near Świecie. From here, the scaffoldings go to Cieśle near Oleśnica, the largest logistics center in Poland SLV Group. There they are stored in huge warehouses, which will soon fill up 1 million m2 of scaffolding. From here, we send them to clients from various parts of the world. We supply scaffoldings for all construction and industry sectors, and sell them for the purposes of broadly understood advertising, as banner stands.

Our company obtains high quality of products due to the automation and robotization of the scaffolding production process and by complying with strictly binding procedures, norms and safety rules.

Having the largest logistic center of access systems in Poland, we guarantee fast and professional delivery of scaffolding and related accessories to every place in Poland and in the world.

Currently, SLV Group, which also includes Nova-Tech, employs over 140 employees with various degrees of specialization, including engineers, traders and employees of production departments, logistics as well as warehouse and administrative employees.

Big expierience in production, logistics and our approach to project management
enable us to deliver quality orders at the right time and without any problems. In this way, we serve clients on all continents, both for typical and large and complex projects.

What products do we offer?

Modular scaffolding (MULTISYSTEM).

Frame scaffoldings / system scaffoldings, so-called: facade scaffoldings, construction scaffoldings, wall scaffoldings (RAM 1 and RAM 2).

Scaffold platforms and accessories.

What makes our products different?

• Lightness - thanks to the application of high quality S235JRH steel.

• Durability - thanks to lengthening the welds and application of consolidations and special fittings.

• Resistance - thanks to the application of hot-dip galvanized zinc which gives protection against corrosion..

Why is it worth it?

A wide range of high quality frame / system and modular scaffoldings.

Trouble free scaffolding for objects of all shapes.

Compatibility with most popular scaffolding systems.

What makes us stand out?

Own production plant with the most modern robotic machine park in Europe.

Huge warehouse space for around 300,000 m2 of scaffolding.

One of the largest logistics centers in Poland with an area of ​​8 thousand. m2.

What are our strengths?

People full of passion and commitment constantly striving for perfection.

Organizational culture based on safety and respect for the environment.

Modernity and innovation of the solutions used.

What we provide?

Sales without intermediaries in Poland, Europe and the world.

Payment in cash, by card, by bank transfer or in the form of leasing .

Short lead times, from 48 hours and soon from 24h.

 How to buy directly or through the website?

Visit our headquarters or branch or contact us by phone / online form / email.

Place an order and pay for it.

Collect the goods or wait for delivery.

Where can you find our scaffolding?



Entertainment, fairs and advertising.

SLV Group / Dariusz Telka / declares that the scaffolding RAM 1 or parts of these scaffolds are not genuine entities entitled to trademark Layher.
SLV Group / Dariusz Telka / does not work within a group of related entities Layher